Dissemination Materials

Present section compiles the dissemination material generated and classified in chronological order. The type of documentation accessible from this section includes: Project brochure; Project newsletters and Project publications: press releases on printed and internet media, technical articles; conference abstracts, and posters.

DateEventLocationResponsible Beneficiary(ies)
Supplementary Information
2018/07/11-13 11th Iberian Congress and 8th Ibero-American Congress on Environmental Pollution and Toxicology (CICTA 2018) Madrid (Spain) INIA ProtoQSAR XNB
A total of four abstracts have been submitted to the present conference:
  • Goya, E.; Tolosa, J.; de Julián, J.V.; Gozalbes, R. Desarrollo de métodos computacionales para la evaluación de la ecotoxicidad de biocidas: el proyecto LIFE-COMBASE (by ProtoQSAR)
  • Hernández-Moreno, D.; Alté, L.; Navas, J.M.; Fernández-Cruz, M.L. Estudios in vitro-in vivo para determinar la toxicidad aguda de biocidas y/o sus metabolitos en peces (by INIA) - Oral presentation.
  • Ruiz-Costa, N.; San José, A.; Andreu-Sánchez, O. LIFE-COMBASE PROJECT: Ecotoxicity of biocides for WWTP microorganisms (by XNB) - Poster presentation
  • Ruiz-Costa, N.; San José, A.; Andreu-Sánchez, O. LIFE-COMBASE PROJECT: Ecotoxicological characterization of biocides in freshwater organisms from two trophic levels (by XNB) - Poster presentation
The results of a number of implementation actions (namely B.1.) are actively disseminated within the present event.
2018/06/11-15 18th International Conference on (Q)SAR in Environmental and Health Sciences Bled (Slovenia) IRMFN
Poster communication Como, F.; Capelli, C.; Marzo, M.; Toma, C.; Benfenati, E. QSAR Models for “Biocides”: The example of the prediction of Daphnia magna acute toxicity.
2018/05/23-24 Nanostruc 2018 (The 4th International Conference on Structural Nano Composites) Berlin (Germany) INKOA, INIA, IRMFN
A full article has been accepted to be published under the JOM (Impact factor 1.86) upon abstract acceptance: Blázquez, M., Fernández-Cruz, M.L., Gajewicz, A., Puzyn, T. and Benfenati, E. On the uses of predictive toxicology to approve the use of engineered nanomaterials as biocidal active substances under the Biocidal Products Regulation.
The publication describes the issues encountered for the application of QSAR models to generate information regarding the ecotoxicological profile of engineered nanomaterials that could be used for regulatory acceptance.
2018/05/13-17 SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting Rome (Italy) INIA, INKOA, XNB
Poster communication
Hernández-Moreno D, Blázquez M, Andreu-Sánchez O, Bermejo-Nogales A, Fernández-Cruz ML, Hazard evaluation of biocides and its metabolites for the aquatic compartment.
2017/11 COMBASE Newsletter N1 NA ALL
The first project's newsletter is now available! On the present edition, introductory data of the Project have been included in addition to some data of the progress so far. Further, some of the research initiatives for the development of new biocidal active substances that have been identified within project's monitoring actions have been introduced. In terms of social impact, several articles exemplifying the effects on human health of pyrethroids are described. A complete report containing the outputs of the monitoring actions will be produced by the end of the project. The newsletter can be accessed on the next link
2017/10/19 COMBASE First International Workshop Milan (Italy) INKOA, IRFMN, INIA, ITENE
ProtoQSAR – As attendant
The first international workshop of the COMBASE LIFE Project has been held on the 19th October 2017, at the IRFMN in Milan. A variety of speakers both associated beneficiaries of COMBASE and external entities were invited to participate including representatives of the regulatory agencies (EFSA) and other European initiatives dealing with computational chemistry (JANUS Project and Danish QSAR Database, amongst other). More than 50 people attended the workshop and the satisfaction level was rated good to very good for what refers to the venue, contents of presentations, registration and general value of the workshop in practical terms.
2017/09/26-27 Biocides Stakeholders Day Helsinki (Finland) INKOA
INKOA attended the biocides stakeholders day on the 26th September during which the planned regulatory updates concerning biocidal products and active substances were introduced by the ECHA. Special attention was drawn towards endocrine disruptors and in situ generated active substances. Uncertainties in relation with the possible consequences of the Brexit were also noted. Alternatively, different companies introduced their experience in practical terms in relation with certain aspects of the BPR (Union Authorisation, for instance). KEMI (Swedish Chemicals Agency) addressed the issue of treated articles.
On the 27th a training session for the ICT Tools for biocidal products registration (IUCLID; for instance) was attended too.
The attendance to the present event is considered to be an opportunity to foster the uptake of the project by the relevant institutions at EU level particularly by the ECHA.
2017/06/23 Company Interview NA ProtoQSAR
The project was mentioned amongst the portfolio of the company during an interview. Additional information can be found at: http://ceeivalencia.emprenemjunts.es/?op=8&n=14181
2017/06/29 AIMPLAS Technical conference Valencia ProtoQSAR
The project was introduced during an oral presentation.
2017/06/28-30 AETOX Congress Valencia ProtoQSAR, XNB
Introductory poster and presentation of the Project were presented.
2017/03/23 Project New NA INKOA
A reference to the project has been published in the Spanish electronic journal Higiene Ambiental. An introduction to the project and some of the most relevant actions to date are introduced in such new. The link to the new is provided next: http://www.higieneambiental.com/productos-biocidas-y-equipos/hacia-un-uso-sostenible-de-los-productos-biocidas-con-ayuda-de-la-toxicologia-computacional
20/02/2017 Informative session at the conference cycle of the Master´s Degree in Environment Pollution, Toxicology and Health University of Valencia XNB
The project was introduced and a Project’s brochure was distributed to all participants.
NA Website update NA INKOA – IRFMN
Website contents have been implemented in Italian and Spanish, in addition to the original English version.
NA Project Brochure and Presentation NA INKOA
Project brochure and presentation have been produced and are now accessible to be downloaded from project’s website.
NA (Different dates) Informal dissemination actions (Via social networks) NA XNB
XNB has disseminated the project via social networks (particularly Twitter)
2016/11/24 Project presentation Valencia (SPAIN) ProtoQSAR (presentation); XNB (arrangements within the master)
Seminar in the context of the MASTER´S DEGREE IN ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, TOXICOLOGY AND HEALTH. (Title of the seminar: "Desarrollo y Aplicación de modelos QSAR en Toxicología Predictiva”). The COMBASE Project was introduced to the audience.
NA (Different dates) Informal dissemination actions NA INKOA, XNB, IRFMN
A reference regarding the COMBASE LIFE Project has been made available on the websites of several beneficiaries. The link to the information is hereby provided:
On going* Technical Article Publication NA IRFMN
Model developed on the experimental data on fish toxicity (LC50 96H; Rainbow trout). Values obtained from EFSA Openfoodtox dataset. *Currently under review
2016/09/21 Workshop LIFE PROSIL Italy INKOA (Authors Blázquez, M.; Unzueta, I.). Invitation by courtesy of IRFMN Poster presentation “COMBASE: A NEW PROJECT FOR BIOCIDES”

List of Dissemination Actions [2016/10/03 – 2017/11/30]