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Notizie & Eventi

Fecha: 24/05/2018

The COMBASE LIFE Project and, more precisely, the work undertaken for the generation of an on line database with ecotoxicological information on biocidal active substances, has been presented in Rome in the frame of the SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting. The poster is co-authored by three beneficiaries of the Project (INIA, INKOA and Xenobiotics) and it has been INIA the beneficiary responsible of attending the event and presenting the results obtained. The SETAC conference represents a relevant exchange forum where environmental scientists, industrial and governmental representatives can present, debate and disseminate the most recent scientific knowledge contributing to the sustainable use of chemicals. A research article is currently under preparation complementing the work described within the present framework.

» New dissemination materials now available!
Fecha: 21/11/2017

The first International Workshop of the COMBASE Project has been successfully conducted in Milan on the 19th October 2017. The workshop was introduced by María Blázquez (INKOA) and Emilio Benfenati (IRFMN). Dr Benfenati referred that a new era for in silico tools is now taking place and that models should ideally be used as a first screening step in all assessments. The status of development of some of the actions of the project was introduced by Francesca Aceti (ITENE)- Action A.3.- and Maria Luisa Fernandez Cruz (INIA) -Action B.1.- Additional speakers took part in the event and introduced a series of initiatives at European level in the area of computational toxicology. Fruitful exchanges took place during the workshop. In addition to the workshop, the first project newsletter has now been released. Stay tuned on COMBASE’s latest developments by subscribing to it.

Fecha: 21/07/2017

LIFE COMBASE will be present at the BIOCIDES STAKEHOLDERS DAY taking place on the 26th and 27th September at the ECHA in Helsinki. INKOA will attend this two day event: on the 26th three plenary sessions will take place: Biocides regulatory developments, Building a biocides application and Tips from authorities. On the 27th a training session on IT tools for biocides applications has been organized. Ideally, once the project has been implemented, the COMBASE Tool will be promoted by the different stakeholders involved in the authorisation of PPP and biocidal active substances. The attendance to this event constitutes a first step in the achievement of such goal. An additional output is that contacts will be established with different entities of industrial nature, future users of the COMBASE Tool. Finally, knowledge on other existing IT tools will be gained (IUCLID & R4BP3, mainly) therefore identifying possible complementarities that could eventually be established.

» Preliminary program of the first international workshop of the LIFE COMBASE Project is now available
Fecha: 20/07/2017

The first international workshop of the LIFE COMBASE Project will take place on the 19th October 2017 at the Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri (IRMFN) in Milan, Italy. During the workshop, which will be a one day event, the major outcomes of the project will be described. Furthermore, speakers representing regulatory agencies -such as the EFSA- and research institutions in the area of knowledge of QSAR and non-testing methods have been invited to participate. The present workshop constitutes a networking event for stakeholders in the biocides value chain including industries, regulatory bodies and research institutions. Registration is free of charge, if interested please write an email to The programme is here here.

» Survey available for the definition of requirements and specifications of the COMBASE Tool
Fecha: 05/05/2017

The COMBASE consortium has now defined a survey for the identification of the requirements and specifications of the COMBASE Tool. Ideally, companies and regulators, main users of the developed tool, will provide their opinions in relation to the functionalities that the tool should have both considering the regulatory and practical perspective. Please, take a couple of minutes to fill in the survey for the definition of the requirements and specifications of the tool: you opinion matters and will help us improving. Access to the survey can be found on the next link.

» COMBASE Project has kicked off
Fecha: 03/01/2017

On the 18th October 2016 COMBASE Project kicked off in a meeting held in Bilbao where representatives of all project beneficiaries attended. During the meeting, each of the beneficiaries introduced its respective institution and role in the project. Preliminary discussions of technical nature were held and instructions of financial nature for proper project management were provided. Earlier, on the 11th October, María Blázquez from Inkoa and Rafael Gozalbes from ProtoQSAR attended the kick of meeting with EASME Representatives in Brussels.