Activities and Results

The list of project actions is hereby detailed:


A.1. Selection of main substances and target groups of biocides

A.2. Critical studies on existing modelling approaches for risk assessment purposes

A.3. Requirements and specifications of the COMBASE platform


B1. Optimization and experimental assessment of chemoinformatic models

B.2. Implementation of the in silico methods within VEGA and integration with read across models

B.3. Development and implementation of the COMBASE platform

B.4. Tool transferability - Training for the sustainable use of biocides


C.1 Monitoring LIFE Project Performance Indicators

C.2. Monitoring the socio-economic impact of the project actions on the economy and population

C.3. Monitoring the impact of the implementation actions


D.1. Dissemination and awareness raising activities to the general public and stakeholders

D.2. Results transferring


E.1. Overall Project Management

E.2. Progress Monitoring

The preparatory actions will stablish the basis for the achievement of project's goals, including data gathering on biocidal active substances and corresponding metabolites, identifying the most appropiate tools for addressing the substances of interest and definition of the needs of the chemical industry (and particularly SMEs) for the integration of in silico methods in their working protocols. The implementation actions relate to the optimization and experimental assessment of existing computational models for the substances of interest, implementation of the in silico models within VEGA and integration with read across models (focusing advanced users), development of the COMBASE platform (focusing non-expert uses and consumers in general) and implementing such platform on a number of industrial stakeholders. Action B.4 implies developing a training package related to in silico methods and their associated benefits for the chemical industry along with awareness raising for the sustainable use of biocides. Monitoring actions refer to evaluating LIFE Project performance indicators, impacts towards economy and population and monitoring the impact of the implementation actions according to a list of indicators. In the dissemination area, activities have been grouped as dissemination to the general public and stakeholders and results transferring. Finally, management actions refer to the overall project management and progress monitoring to the EC.

LIFE COMBASE List Project Actions