Expected Results


  • An on-line platform based on a flexible, modular, and extensible client/server architecture to support decision making on the basis of reliable data on the ecotoxicological properties of biocide active substance and potential metabolites.
  • Creation of a network of projects and initiatives supporting the application of non-testing methods (NTM) for industry.
  • Demonstration of the operability and robustness of the models integrated in the COMBASE DSS in a total of four trophic levels: bacteria, algae, Daphnia and fish.
  • Promotion of in silico methods, which are safe, residue free and cause no environmental impact if compared with experimental methods as robust tools to scrutinize the ecotoxicological potential of candidate new chemicals before their synthesis.

In detail, the next results of main value for industrial stakeholders and regulators are to be highlighted:

  • Identification of the most critical biocides based on PBT and CMR criteria: the 10% of the most critical biocides will be identified
  • Identification of molecular features responsible for the ecotoxicity of the most critical biocides: 15 structural alerts, or critical physico-chemical parameters will be identified
  • Identification of safe moieties which can be used within the planning of safer biocides: 15 safe fragments, or safe physico-chemical parameters will be identified.

In relation to consumers, a new consciousness in the use of biocidal products will be promoted targeting informed consumers for the responsible and sustainable use of biocidal active substances contained in products.

The suitability of computational approaches for metabolites derivatization in alternative chemical products (PPP and chemicals in general – REACH) will be assessed within the replicability strategy.

In relation to dissemination actions, the next results will be achieved:

  • A well defned list of free webinars and workshops to support the training of end-users and stakeholders for the sustainable use of biocides. E-learning portal.
  • Awareness raising actions to consumers in general
  • Dissemination actions by participating into a minimum of six related congresses of international relevance.