e-Learning Section

Under the present section, the E-Learning Materials are deployed. These materials are for self-study and are tailored to provide a basic minimum knowledge of various issues of interest within COMBASE. Texts have been written in English. Access is granted though the hyperlinks as deployed on the table below but have also been implemented via Google Classroom for a practical experience with the alumni of the Master Degree in Environmental Pollution, Toxicology and Health by the University of Valencia.

Four main modules have been designed:

ModuleContentsMain developerLink
Module 1 – Ecotoxicology The present module provides an introduction to ecotoxicology and ecotoxicity tests. Focus is placed on the test that have selected for the experimental validation of the models developed within COMBASE. Oscar Andreu Sánchez (Xenobiotics)  Link
Module 2 – Computational toxicology A basic introduction to the in silico methods is provided. One of the most relevant sources of information is the E-Book Theory, guidance and applications on QSAR and REACH (2012) Edited by Emilio Benfenati. The models developed within COMBASE are also introduced. Rafael Gozalbes (ProtoQSAR)  Link
Module 3 – Biocidal Products Registration Guidelines and on line information from the ECHA in addition to the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) have been selected as main sources of information for the present module. Focus is placed towards the ecotoxicological information for Biocidal Active Substances (BAS) approval and how can in silico methods address this information needs. María Blázquez (INKOA)  Link
Module 4 – Good Practices It is the aim of the present document to address best practices for the sustainable use of biocidal products at a general level but also to provide specific recommendations focusing on product type (PT) 18. The functionalities of the COMBASE APP are also introduced. María Blázquez (INKOA) & Carlos Fito (ITENE)  Link

The Quiz in order to evaluate the user performance for the contents of the four modules can be found HERE.