Description of the Project

The main target of the LIFE-COMBASE Project is to promote the sustainable use of biocidal active substances from a life cycle perspective. To this end, an on-line information system based on the combination of evidence based decision support systems (EBDSS) and proven computational toxicology modelling approaches will be implemented.

The project presents a major advance in relation to formerly developed projects in the area of computational chemistry as the implemented predictive models will be generated from ecotoxicological data exclusively from biocides and, therefore, the models will be much more adapted to the application of compounds affected by the BPR regulation.

Other significant improvements of the COMBASE tool include the following ones:

  • The prediction of ecotoxicological endpoints is intended not only for active substances, but also for metabolites, degradation and transformation products of biocidal active substances.
  • A tool for the evaluation of possible substitutes/alternatives of biocides of concern will be developed.
  • The predictive models will be experimentally validated, in order to have a better idea of their efficacy/limitations.

COMBASE Project Approach