Xenobiotics, S.L. is a start-up arisen from the University of Valencia. It is focused on the study of environmental contaminants. The company is divided into 3 business branches: Laboratory of Bioassays, Consulting and the R&D area.

Xenobiotics is focused in the application, implementation and development of (eco)toxicological services and new bioassays. The environmental quality control and the environmental risk assessment are fields of interest for Xenobiotics.

Xenobiotics is currently offering technical and scientific services to private companies, universities and technological centres in the study of new chemical compounds, including nanomaterial, pesticides and emerging pollutants.

The team counts with a wide experience on environmental monitoring campaigns and in the study of main ecotoxicological risks and ecological processes. Xenobiotics can perform indoor and outdoor scientific studies.

For additional information, please, visit: www.xenobiotics.es