COMBASE - Noticias y eventos

Noticias y eventos

Fecha: 21/07/2017

LIFE COMBASE will be present at the BIOCIDES STAKEHOLDERS DAY taking place on the 26th and 27th September at the ECHA in Helsinki. INKOA will attend this two day event: on the 26th three plenary sessions will take place: Biocides regulatory developments, Building a biocides application and Tips from authorities. On the 27th a training session on IT tools for biocides applications has been organized. Ideally, once the project has been implemented, the COMBASE Tool will be promoted by the different stakeholders involved in the authorisation of PPP and biocidal active substances. The attendance to this event constitutes a first step in the achievement of such goal. An additional output is that contacts will be established with different entities of industrial nature, future users of the COMBASE Tool. Finally, knowledge on other existing IT tools will be gained (IUCLID & R4BP3, mainly) therefore identifying possible complementarities that could eventually be established.