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» Completion of the LIFE-COMBASE Project
Fecha: 24/02/2020

The LIFE-COMBASE Project has been completed on the 30th September, 2019. Within the framework of the project, computational models have been developed specifically for biocidal active substances that allow estimating the impact of this type of substances on freshwater organisms. The data available for the development of the models (information in publications and international databases) have been complemented with experimental assays, providing new information regarding biocidal active substances and their metabolites of environmental relevance. The developed models have been implemented in consolidated tools in the area of computational toxicology (such as VEGA or ToxRead) as well as in a tool specifically developed within the project conceived to speed up the decision making process for the selection of active substances biocides with less environmental impact (http://webtool.life-combase.com). In addition, the project has tried to bring non-testing methods to potential users, including the industrial and academic sector, having developed a series of online training materials as well as several seminars, workshops and meetings. The videos of the project are accessible from: ; and .